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Jan 18, 2022

In this episode of #StreetsTalksTo we are joined by Ian Taylor, Executive Director and Su Carpenter, Head of Community at CryptoUK. We delve into the topic of regulation, what the current crypto regulatory landscape looks like and the challenges around ad regulation. We talk about how CryptoUK are trying to help develop policies, processes and standardisation to help crypto providers and institutions and how they are in regular conversations with the FCA. We cover taxation, legislation and so much more in this fascinating conversation.

CryptoUK exists as a cohesive, credible voice for the evolving UK crypto industry. As an independent industry body, CryptoUK represents the UK's crypto asset sector, working directly with policy makers and market players to advocate for better education, mutual understanding and fair and balanced policy. It has more than 80 members, including crypto natives, service providers, custodians and institutional investors.