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Jan 11, 2022

In this episode of StreetsTalksTo we are joined by Vijay Oddiraju, CEO and Co-Founder, and Rachel Hunt, VP Growth Marketing at Volante Technologies. During the discussion we delve into the importance of real-time payments and what this means for financial inclusion and the democratisation of financial services. We consider the impact of COVID-19 across the industry, how this has accelerated the digitisation of payments around the world and how Volante is helping banks and financial institutions adapt quickly and effectively to empower consumers, corporates and economies. We find out more about Volante’s ISO 20022 migration project and how Volante is enabling an ever-growing cloud-native payments ecosystem.

Volante Technologies is the global provider of cloud payments and financial messaging solutions. It serves as a trusted partner to more than one hundred banks, financial institutions, market infrastructures, clearing houses and corporate treasury firms in 35 countries. As a result, Volante’s customers can stay ahead of emerging trends, become more competitive, deliver superior client experiences and grow their businesses through rapid digital transformation and innovation.