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Jul 16, 2021

In our latest episode of StreetsTalksTo we are joined by Philippe Morel and Marjan Delatinne of SETL, a London-based technology provider with a proven track record in delivering distributed ledger technology for financial markets, asset management and payments. 

We discuss some of the transformative technologies of our time: we touch on blockchain, the world of payments, digital identity and digital transformation. We look at how central banks are assessing the feasibility of Central Bank Digital Currencies, dive into tokenisation and the securitisation of tokens and digital currencies.  We also discover how SETL has successfully completed the world's first CBDC live funds transaction in collaboration with the Banque de France using the SETL blockchain.

SETL is dedicated to building blockchain-based solutions for Financial Markets, Asset Management and Payments. Their  proprietary technology is designed specifically for regulated, high performance, low latency applications, and powers financial market infrastructures that are both active and operational, including IZNES and ID2S.