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Jul 19, 2022

In this episode of #StreetsTalksTo we are joined by Stéphane Rio, CEO & Founder of Opensee, and Senior Sales Executive, Julie Louvrier. We discover the challenges of big data, the increased demand for more granular information and how Opensee is transforming this data into a competitive advantage. We talk about different regulations, how ESG is bringing a new dimension to finance and how Opensee is helping its clients to unlock the full potential of their data by removing complexity.

Opensee is a Paris-based FinTech that is helping financial institutions turn their big data challenges into a competitive advantage, by unlocking vital business, user led opportunities. Its solutions allow financial institutions to harness 100% of their vast quantities of data instantly, on demand and for deeper and faster analysis than before. It was started by a team of financial industry and technology experts who were frustrated because they couldn't find a simple, big data analytics solution that enabled them to deep dive into all of their data or to run risk scenarios with the data that they were handling. They built their own instead. Opensee now gives banks, asset managers and other financial institutions the analytical tools for regulatory reporting, risk management, operational efficiencies and business development.