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Aug 16, 2022

In this episode of #StreetsTalksTo we are joined by Mark Schaedel, CEO and Brandon Baker, Principle of DataBP.  We discuss the fascinating world of market data and how the impact of innovation and technology can be used to help make sense of the huge amounts of data and harvest unique insights. We talk about the genuine common goal across the industry for ultimate compliance, the importance of using The Cloud and how DataBP are empowering and connecting the community of data providers to gain efficiencies, reinvent how they manage their market data and ultimately realise and commercialise the full potential of their often unexploited data assets.

DataBP is a global provider of software and managed services for managing market data and index commercialisation. They provide tools that run business lines in one easy to use platform and a whole suite of purpose built tools, allowing data businesses of all sizes to increase their revenue, reduce their risk, and provide an improved customer experience without having to increase any staffing footprint.