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Jun 24, 2020

In this episode we are joined by Adam Toms, CEO Europe and Tim Dinsdale, CTO of OpenFin, the operating system of finance. OpenFin brings the application interoperability we have all come to love on our mobile devices onto the financial desktop, essentially delivering to the financial desktop what Apple and Android have delivered for mobile. A successful scale up fintech firm, OpenFin is used to deploy over 1,200 applications across more than 225,000 desktops in some 1,500 institutions, in more than 60 countries.

We discuss the challenges of remote working as trading floors and capital markets firms tackle the downsizing of desktop real estate from multiple monitors to home PCs and laptops. We talk about the challenges of working with legacy infrastructures and the acceleration of web technology. Exploring how Openfin’s clients and the industry as a whole have navigated lockdown, we discuss the re-entry path ahead and delve  into industry engagement with FDC3, the financial desktop interoperability standards. There are mutual benefits on offer from collaboration, and we consider the priorities in play as firms deliver their digital transformation programmes. Turning to regulation, we focus on the benefits and challenges of SMR (The Senior Managers Regime) compliance exploring the responsibility that this places firmly on the shoulders of industry leaders… and so much more, including how  both Adam and Tim have kept physically and mentally strong throughout lockdown.